Bridge the gap between promises and reality

Qualis Technology ("Qualistec") is a digital transformation consultancy blending hardware, software, cloud, and outsourced resources to architect digital platforms that improve operating efficiency, particularly for asset management.

Qualistec is unaffiliated with any specific vendor, and, therefore, has the foresight to see past industry hype to only embrace technologies that deliver long-term durability for our clients.

Areas of expertise include digital transformations, platform re-engineering, system migrations, and data security.


Qualis® is a new class of software designed to enhance the accuracy of analytics in modern digital platforms—what we call a Data Refinery & Distribution Platform. It facilitates a systematic transition from legacy "boiling-the-ocean" implementations to harmonized and curated firm-wide data.

Beecasso® Security Solution eliminates data leaks from cloud applications. Beecasso's patented (US 8,930,598; US 8,473,651) technology redefines data security by erecting a physical barrier between personal and business use from authorized personal devices.


Buy-side Solutions

"The solutions developed by Qualis Technology, which blended their in-depth understanding of financial concepts and the unique requirements of our business, were cornerstones of our success."
SVP, Investment Management Firm

Qualistec has been delivering solutions to asset management firms across various functional units—quantitative research, portfolio management, analytics, operations, trading, and compliance.

Digital Transformations

"The solutions provided by Qualis Technology not only addressed our immediate business needs but also created the architectural framework for long-term scalability."
CEO, Quantitative Asset Management Firm

Qualistec delivers a data-centric solution that allows you to rapidly build targeted "Apps" to solve not only the problems of today, but also those of the future.

Operational Efficiency

"Qualis Technology's model of solid design, efficient build with mentoring and full staff hand-over resulted in a system that has accommodated subsequent business demands now for sixteen years!"
VP, Global Portfolio Management Firm

Qualistec specializes in firm-wide turnkey solutions that provide a stable, long-term, and forward-looking platform capable of adapting to ever-changing business needs with ease.

System Migrations

"Qualis Technology is a committed and competent partner for our company. Their common sense approach gets results while watching our bottom-line!"
VP (Marketing), Electronic Medical Records Firm

Qualistec is unaffiliated with any specific technology vendor. With no brand loyalty, appropriate commodity technologies can be evaluated and chosen with nothing but the best interests of the client in mind.