Our Approach

Qualistec solves business problems rapidly using our proprietary approach and, where appropriate, using our product offerings.

"Emerging Focus"

Qualistec takes a unique approach to problem solving. Rather than starting at Point A and working one step at a time through to Point Z, Qualistec helps clients develop a broader, strategic perspective first. While this larger view may be quite general, through a series of rapid iterative cycles, Qualistec helps you reach clarity. You'll also gain an overarching view of the final picture even before specific details emerge.

Qualistec refers to this process as Emerging Focus. This methodology allows our clients to get an increasingly clearer strategic view of the problem even as we develop the tactics for solving it. Each iterative cycle gathers continuous feedback from all stakeholders, developing a collective final deliverable that is revolutionary in its simplicity but rich in innovation and invention to solve your company's specific problem.

Emerging Focus allows us to manage the two trickiest factors of problem solving: uncertainty and change. This ability to effectively manage change and uncertainty is key to the success of any project, particularly software product development.


Our products are the results of years of experience in solving complex business problems. Licensing our product platform can greatly reduce time/cost required to onboard new business solutions.

Please contact us with your challenges and we'll be happy to design a solution for your specific needs.