Buy-side Solutions

Qualistec has been delivering buy-side solutions since 1997. Our understanding of the business of investing is unmatched. Our consultants have deep knowledge of quantitative research, risk control, portfolio construction, trading, client reporting, operations, and compliance.

Qualistec can assist your company in any or all phases of the project development lifecycle, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through documentation, implementation and user training. Qualistec consultants develop effective technology solutions by blending readily available commodity technologies with customized programming. After development, Qualistec continues to partner with you to facilitate knowledge transfer to your internal staff so that you can achieve maximum self-sufficiency.

Here is a sampling of our solutions:

Data Refinery & Distribution Platform

Qualis Technology's proprietary platform Qualis® Refinery can continuously refine heterogeneous data from various sources 24/7 before distributing consistent, periodic views to reporting, BI, and other line of business systems located across the globe, or in the cloud. This massively parallel infrastructure helps organizations realize better return from their investment in data warehouses, marts, and lakes.

Quant Infrastructure

Quantitative investment infrastructure to analyze 8,000+ securities and to generate alpha scores daily. This technology platform allows the client to manage over 100 accounts and $35+ billion in AUM with fewer than 3 dozen employees. This automated platform has continued to meet changing business needs effectively for over 15 years with minimal IT oversight.

Massively Parallel Simulations

Research platform to run massive simulations of investment strategies. Near-linear scalability of this architecture can evaluate over 10,000 months' analysis overnight, utilizing just a handful of decommissioned workstations. This infrastructure dramatically increased the client's ability to conduct what-if analysis with just one fulltime analyst.

Product Profitability

Accounting support system to allocate—without rounding errors—over $20 billion of investment segment transactions to retail products as part of de-mutualization of a large insurance carrier. The ability to allocate costs precisely, consistently, and in a repeatable fashion was crucial to consolidating product lines, enhancing profitability.

Vendor Product Integration

  • Axioma
  • Barclays POINT
  • Bloomberg AIM
  • Cadis EDM
  • Charles River IMS
  • Eagle PACE
  • Factset Analytics
  • Macgregor XIP
  • MSCI Barra
  • Northfield
  • Revport
  • SS&C Advent
  • SS&C Pages
  • State Street RKS
  • Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S
  • Wall Street Office
  • Wilshire Analytics

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