Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is our passion. We see technology as the key component of maximizing operating profit...and the key ingredient that makes technology deliver is quality of input.

With so many players in the market, it is a daunting task to find a suitable solution navigating available choices. Selecting the best of breed in each function is not always the best choice because the cost of integration can easily neutralize potential efficiency gains. Qualistec consultants develop effective technology solutions by blending readily available commodity technologies with customized programming. When all else fails, we build apps!

Specialized software that meets the specific needs of your company presents both opportunities and challenges. There's no reason you can't have exactly what you need to make your processes more accurate and efficient. However, programming from the ground up implies a significant investment.

Qualistec takes an iterative approach to software development that gives you the best of both worlds. Using a co-operative process in which all stakeholders—users, owners, and financers—work collectively toward the final deliverable, the Qualistec approach does not require that clients specify everything in writing up front in great detail. Rather, the process allows the team to work though uncertainties and changes together, to improve the final result.

Data quality, or lack thereof, is a frequent source of inefficiency in any operation. Looking for opportunities to automate repetitive, manual, informal massaging of data in spreadsheets and other desktop productivity applications is often a good starting point. In fact, this is such an ubiquitous problem that we offer a product specifically for this purpose.

Data Refinery & Distribution Platform

Qualis Technology's proprietary platform Qualis® Refinery runs above your data warehouse, mart, or lake infrastructure. It first refines your data before distributing consistent, periodic views to reporting, BI, and other line of business systems located across the globe, or in the cloud. This approach significantly reduces the amount of otherwise manual effort.

IT & Operations Reorganization

Qualistec restructured the IT and operations divisions of a multi-asset manager with several offices around the globe and $70+ billion in AUM as it was spun out of a larger organization. Key success factors that helped turn the firm profitable after the reorganization were our careful selection and well-managed implementation of technologies to lower the cost of operation.