Operating Principles

Qualistec is committed to operating principles that put the clients' best interests first and foremost. All these highly ethical operating procedures add up to a positive, professional relationship that can elevate your business to the next level.

Since Qualistec is unaffiliated with any specific technology vendor, the appropriate commodity technologies can be evaluated and chosen with nothing but the best interests of the client in mind.

Core Values

  • Qualistec employs buck-stops-here expertise. Holistic solutions integrating cross-functional specializations cover the entire ground, rather than just a few aspects of a problem. Clients get a single point of contact for overall support, hardware, software, network, process, and analysis.
  • Qualistec is vendor independent. Since Qualistec is unaffiliated with any specific third party providers of tools and services, practical solutions can be created without regard to brand names.
  • The Qualistec team has discipline-specific expertise. Qualistec consultants are hands-on professionals with extensive experience in a wide variety of disciplines, from network design to process engineering and software project management.
  • Qualistec provides private label capability. Clients can freely use/distribute solutions internally without acknowledging Qualistec. Confidentiality is key.
  • Qualistec believes in maximizing what you have already rather than capriciously adopting new tools that may not have general market acceptance.

Specifically for Professional Services

  • Qualistec practices productivity-based billing. Clients are billed only for actual hours of productive work delivered, not mere physical presence.
  • Qualistec offers the client complete internal ownership. There are extensive emphases on continuous knowledge transfer to ensure that clients are self-sufficient.